Mallard Masters 2017 Rules & Regulations

(We ask that all hunters abide by the AGFC rules and regulations)

All Prize winning participants will be subject to a polygraph before the announcement of the winners

  1. Each team will be limited to 4 members
    1. You can NOT turn in ducks that have been shot by another hunter if that hunter is not on your team.
  1. Time will only be used as a tie breaker
    1. There will be NO bonus points awarded for time of check-in
  1. There will be ONE check-in station that will be located in Augusta, AR.
    1. (Breakfast will be provided to all hunters at check-in)
  1. Points will be awarded as follows:
    1. A mallard Drake will receive 5 points
    2. A mallard Hen will receive 2 points
    3. All other species of duck (Coots NOT included)will be Scored
      1. Drake 4 Points
      2. Hen 1 Point

5. Teams will be asked to present their biggest duck during check-in for the fattest Duck competition.

All Checks should be made out to the Augusta Chamber of Commerce and can be sent to PO Box 460 Augusta, AR 72006

* In the event of suspected fraud, Augusta Chamber of Commerce has the right to withhold prizes throughout the investigation. Everyone must abide by the rules set by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, along with the rules set by the Tournament. *