Mallard Masters Championship

Hunting: the ultimate goal.


Here is a good place to ask questions or talk about how excited you are about the tournament.


  1. I would like more information on this even. What is the entry fee. How do I enter a team for the 2017 hunt. Can hunters come from out of state.

  2. Signed up early because last year was a sell out and I am not going to miss it this year there are much better chances of winning with the new scoring system and I’m looking forward to the food fun and festivities

  3. Boyd, we’re signed up for the event this year, but really don’t know much about it. After checking in, do you just go to your own spot and hunt? Is there anything else that you can tell about how this actually works?

    • Gary, go hunt as you would do any other day. Bring your ducks to the check in station to downtown Augusta. We will score them while you enjoy the Chili Cookoff.

      Chris Eldridge 501-940-6656

  4. Does it matter what county you are hunting in? As long as you bring the ducks by 1 to check in?
    When is the registration deadline?

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